rock recipes

mineral Crystal -examples;gold

diamond-pure Carson diamante

meteorologic ignes

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identifying minerals

color-apoperty you can easily observe is the color of a mineral.

luster-light reflected from the surface of a mineral is called luster.

streak-a more reliable clue to the identity of a mineral is the color of that mineral in powder from which is called  streak.

cleavage & fracture-some minerals tend to split easily along certain flat surfaces.

hardness-the measure of the ability of a mineral to resist scratching is called hardness.

crystal shape-as explained in section 9.1 mineral crystals will form in one of six basic shapes.

density-when handling equal-sized specimens of various minerals you may notice that some feel heavier than others.

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common minerals

Galena is the main source lead. galena is a a none salacity.

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aquamarine is a real mineral but it varies beryl also.

aquamarine is not very valuable 50 -499$

aquamarian is blue

aquamarian is not a minaral

aquamarian According to Encyclopedia Americana Online, aquamarine is actually the light crystal form of the mineral beryl. In its darker form, beryl makes emeralds. It can often be heated to give it a clearer color or…

aquamarian he chemical formula for an aquamarine gem stone is beryllium aluminum silicate (3BeO Al2 O3 6 SiO2). Its specific gravity is 2.71 and refractive index ranges from 1.574 to 1.580. Its hardness on Mohs scale is between 7.5 and 8. It has a vitreous polish luster.

aquamarine Modern methods have made it possible, and very common, for aquamarine to be heat-treated to drive the green out of the stone and leave a more pleasing 

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planet riddles

im mostly water that is blue

and i have land to

 i have a moon




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the sun

the sun is one out of billions.

the sun surface is calld the phophow.

the sun diameter is about 87000

the suns aiameter is aboth


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telascope faq

Q: what does a telascope do?

A: you can see stars and planits up clouse

Qwgat are the 3 main types of telascoper and how do they work?

A. refracting telescope works with lens reflecting telescope works with mirrors cassegrain telescope  works with both  lens and mirrors

Q. what size telescope is best

A. deepends on what your doing

Q. how big will a telescope


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Binary Stars, Pulsars, and Quasars

are stars of multapl  star systoms. obet eculer

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star groups

star connsallaton are stars fixed  holding stell and stuff

spiral galaxy barred spiral galaxies ellical galaxy irregalar galaxy

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messier object

m45this is allso known as playades

its blue and hass stars that are very big and bright.

 pleieiades has six stars.

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